Tips For Summer Business (how to plan your time and budget your expenses)

Part 2, Forecasting Your Expenses
June 7, 2017
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I can’t lie…its been a pretty good January-July (and I’m sharing tips to help YOU)
July 19, 2017
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Tips For Summer Business (how to plan your time and budget your expenses)

price turner cfos amy andersson

Price Turner CFOs is growing!

Income is growing, team is growing, clients are growing and my nose would be growing if I didn’t say, I’m really glad summer is here. I’m ready to take a step back and enjoy some time off.

I’m looking forward to my daughter’s wedding in July in sunny California and taking a few weeks away from the desk to relax. I hope your summer includes relaxation time or a bit of travel.

This month, I wanted to discuss two really important topics and how they may change when it comes to summertime: your time and your expenses.


People disappear! “Is everyone at the shore?”
Networking groups tend to STOP during the summer months.
Responsibilities you had all year stop for a few months and suddenly you have a lot more time in your schedule. Use it wisely!

Team members disappear? “Where is that file, better check with my VA…oh no, she’s on VACATION!!”
I have a team member that is going to be gone for a month, so planning for her absence is vital. Find out when your team members are planning their vacation, so you know if your time in the office needs to increase while they are enjoying their much-deserved time off. And if YOU are the one heading on a trip, let your team and clients know way in advance, so projects are completed on time and without delay.

Cars disappear!Why is there so much less traffic in the morning?”
With school over, there are no buses, no parent’s carpooling and the roads are a little clearer. An hour commute into the city might turn into half that time.
Now you can sleep in or maybe stop and grab that coffee without fear of missing your first meeting!

Decisions disappear! “What happened to that five-figure proposal?”
Even if you meet a potential client in May and have a proposal out, don’t expect it to be signed before September. If it is, bonus points to you. Clients go on vacation, too!  Follow up with the client throughout the summer, however, and plan the later start into your budget, as well.


Family travel versus Business travel – “Can I write off this plane ticket?”
Look at your travel plans and determine if part of it can be written off as a business expense. I’m traveling to Texas for a conference, after my trip to California, so part of my trip is personal and part is business. I can take a partial deduction for the business travel and expenses, even though they are attached to a personal trip.

Airline choices“Should I just book the cheapest flight?”
The cheapest flight might NOT actually be the best option. Look at other fees associated with the ticket. Some airlines charge for your seat, checking bags, even carry on bags. And the weight limit on those bags can be lower for a cheaper flight. Don’t be tricked by the ticket price. Look at the big picture for best savings.

Credit card points“What does this reward stuff really mean?”
Credit card points are very useful, especially for travel. Look into your options and use them wherever you can. I often use the points I accumulate on my business card to pay for hotels on my personal trips.

Hotel prices – “AARP for the win!”
Many hotels offer discounts if you are a member of certain organizations like the AARP, AAA or the rotary. Look into this before you book! Also search for amenities like complimentary breakfast, free parking and shuttle service. These might seem like small details, but every little bit helps when cutting expenses.

Rental cars“I’ll just grab one at the airport.”
It costs more money to rent a car at the airport, so book in advance. I looked into a rental car recently that was $20 more per day, if I got it at the airport. Don’t forget to budget in the applicable taxes and gas fees. If you are staying close to where most of your activities are, Uber or another ride-sharing app might be a better option. Plus, it saves you time, since you can work while someone else is driving.

*Across all your expenses, budget in the sales tax and make sure to check in to see if it’s a different rate than what you are used to. For instance, when I travel to California, the sales tax rate is higher than it is in my home state of Pennsylvania.

If you want to talk through your summer business plans, please reach out for a complimentary session.

Also, check out my website for a few new videos! I’ve added testimonials and footage from my adventure trips. If you want to see me rappelling down a building or dogsledding in Canada, it’s all there!